In Bloom

Adulting? Hard. Writing while adulting? Also hard. Writing while adulting with nonstop angst hovering over you? A definite lesson.

Put God in a Box and Flourish

Anxiety is a b*tch. Even worse when your anxiety is about approaching your anxieties. But, it doesn’t have to be.

Before 25…

It’s AsiahMae’s birthday! The FTS co-creator shares some things that she’s grateful for on her solar return.

This is 24.

It’s Asiah Mae’s birthday! The FTS Co-Creator reflects on 23 and her upcoming year.

Writer to Writer: When the Sting Is Gone

It’s finally the weekend, Saturday night in particular, and you’re sitting down for a much-needed writing session after a long week of work. You get comfortable, sit on your couch or bed with a cup of tea (or a bottle of Crown if the week has been hell), and silence your phone. You pray that…