Co-Creator, Director of Communications

burning water + earth over hollow bones. writer. lover. wild. bookworm. half magic on my mom’s side.

“Let the water pull you under. Just don’t drown. Even mermaids come to the shore sometimes.”

A proud product of Hillman and Hogwarts and half of the fusion that is For the Scribes, AsiahMae is the manifestation of your favorite queer carefree black girl. While initially coming off as shy and observant, don’t let that fool you. Her voice is as big as her hair, neither of which does she tame. A director by trade, poet by birth, she is constantly creating and curating vibes. If she’s not fighting for your right to twerk while smart or writing your favorite tunes, you can catch Asiah frolicking through flowers, making skin care products, thrifting with Willie, or slowly dying while awaiting the new episodes of Steven Universe.

Twitter: @_asiahmae


Willie Kinard

Co-Creator, Editor & Webmaster

mercurial. blerd. rhapsode. renaissance man. romantic in rehab. mildly clairaudient.

“Where the spirit leads, go. When the spirit says, leave. What the spirit cries, write.”

Currently attending meetings for Word Whores Anonymous™, Willie Kinard is the Sapphire to Asiah’s Ruby at For the Scribes. An SC-based designer, art director, and poet, Willie is an alumnus of the University of South Carolina and has been writing since he was 10. Recording his experience through a black queer lens, he will actively make time to tell you how Hermione Granger was a smart black girl with an afro full of magic. When not creating, you can usually find Willie tweeting Steven Universe theories, thrifting with Asiah, gem wrapping, or finding sanctuary in counterpoint melodies.

Twitter: @_WillieKinard


Areriel Hayward

Director of Marketing

cosmic. eager. strategist. sweeter than honey. more valuable than gold.

“Never lose faith, passion, or momentum. If you do pick yourself up and keep going. It gets better one day at a time.”

Softer than a flower and stronger than the world will ever know, Areriel Hayward is a digital creative with starfire for energy. A social media guru and conqueror of Al Gore’s internet by way of Charleston, South Carolina, Arï is currently making her way around New York, walking fast, passing faces, and piloting the marketing jet at FTS.

Twitter: @arerielhayward


Joseph the Poet

Staff Scribe

masterfully crafty. addicted to ambition. friend. activist. chronically late. flourishing florally.

“We have nothing to lose but our chains.”

As black as he is queer and as queer as he is black, Joseph the Poet is as dedicated to artistic expression through weaving words together as he is to marble cheesecake. An alumnus of the University of South Carolina and currently residing and writing in Washington, D.C., Joseph prides himself on bringing a southern flare to his work. He’s inspired by the humor of William Faulkner and Oscar Wilde and the unadulterated blackness of Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes. When not writing, he spends his time drinking mojitos, shopping for flannels, and milly rockin’ scooping all the blessings out his lap.

Twitter: @Joseph_The_Poet


Ashanti Marshall

Staff Scribe

swelling fire + plush iridescent. lavender vernacular. reincarnate of Bennie’s juke joint jumpin’ heart. a history of electric whispers. nurturer by birthright.

“No part of you is out of place at any time. You are where you are needed.”

A brown girl befriending brown liquor and green herbs. Perched around the sharp tenderness of great aunts, great women, great ones is how the voice of this old soul blooms. A proud product of mild sauce and Maya Angelou, Ashanti Marshall is your queer little sis outchea trusting what moves them as truth. You can find them deep in the earth of things, fully involved and stimulated by how they view change and create it. A digital archivist by trade, oracle by birthright, they are of the elements and with them, deeply.

Twitter: @anotetozami